About us

Skåneflyg was founded by a strong team of visionary, local business men.

Skåneflyg makes it possible for more passengers to come down to this beautiful part of Sweden. It also makes it easy for those of us down here, professionally or privately, to pop up to Stockholm.
– Well, Stockholm for starters, as you never know where a bumble bee might fly to in the future…

With us at Skåneflyg, it’s all about being small, close, and local. You’ll feel that as soon as you check in.

Welcome to the Skåneflyg airline company and welcome on board the Humlan. She’ll be flying as of August.

Henrik Persson Ekdahl

Henrik Persson Ekdahl.
Technical entrepreneur. Founder and partner with Optimizer Invest.

Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist

Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist.
Hospitality entrepreneur. MD of the Kristianstad Golf Club.

Sam Giertz

Sam Giertz.
Real estate entrepreneur. Founder and partner with Resona.

Fredrik Rosengren

Fredrik Rosengren.
Retail sales entrepreneur. MD of ICA Maxi Kristianstad.


Jacob Karlsson

Jacob Karlsson.
Real estate entrepreneur. MD and founder of K-Fastigheter.

Why did we create Skåneflyg?

Our aim is to contribute to business and daily life in Skåne by making it possible for more people to visit our fantastic region of Sweden and to make it easy for local business people or private passengers to get to Stockholm quickly and smoothly.
Stockholm is our first target – but we are entrepreneurs heart and soul, so who knows what the future may bring!