Natural environment

Our thoughts on sustainability

When we think sustainability, we think holistically. We always strive to make the right choices so that we can offer our customers the most sustainable products available.

Meals and beverages on board are produced locally and we do what we can to ensure that they are packaged in environment-friendly material.

A major subject of discussion in our business is of course fuel consumption. Here, we think it is relevant to compare ourselves with motor cars and their use of fuel.
A flight from Kristianstad to Stockholm in a fully-booked Humlan uses about 10 liters of fuel per passenger. In a car, that amount of fuel would only get you a fifth of the same distance.

Continuing this thought-experiment, there is an even greater difference in total costs if you choose Skåneflyg from Kristianstad to Stockholm than if you take your car to Sturup or Ronneby. A trip in a car from Kristianstad to these remote local airports would use just as much fuel as a flight to Stockholm on Skåneflyg’s Humlan.

After the flight it will of course be possible for all our passengers to invest in a climate compensation scheme.