The pulse of the metropolis: Stockholm

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The Beauty on Water, as the city is called, caters for all tastes and inclinations. The capital city of Sweden houses a growing number of internationally recognised restaurants. Also, the micro-brewery industry is going from strength to strength. Attractions in Stockholm are situated within a small radius and most of them are within easy walking range.


Each part of the city has its own profile.
The “Stureplanskvarter” part of Stockholm hosts a variety of high-profile restaurants, covered markets, art galleries and fashion boutiques.


The Södermalm district has a younger, more laid-back profile with its bars, art galleries, micro-breweries and top-quality food produce.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan – which means “Ancient City” – reeks of history. Every cobblestone can tell a story from the city’s distant and often dramatic and violent past.


Beautiful, clean water is everywhere in the city. There are boats which will, in no time, take you out to the lovely surrounding islands or rocky islets for a picnic, for swimming, or for a meal at one of the island restaurants.